Makeup Mirror Ring Light with Built-in Fan


Illuminated Makeup Mirror Ring Light LED HD Vanity Mirror with built-in Fan Smart Touch Control Stand Up Desk Table Mirror USB Charge

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  • Features:  Light + Cooling Fan
  • Style: Desktop Mirror
  • Shape: Round
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Sides: Single
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Color:  white
  • Material: ABS+ Glass Mirror
  • power supply:  USB or Battery-operated


  • LED Mirror Makeup Mirror with LED Light Vanity Mirror with Fan LED Light
  • Our Mirror is unique in that it was built on a powerful yet quiet triple fan Thus, it allows you to apply the mascara, base, blush, and eyeliner without melting.
  •  Color: White. – Material: ABS and PS.
  • Balanced light ring of light.

You can take it wherever you go it’s called the beauty breeze lighted mirror this actually has a built-in fan because you know when you’re in a hurry maybe you’re rushed or maybe it’s a little warm in the room or you’d for whatever reason you’ve got you to know you’ve got hot and cold flashes whatever this is gonna keep you nice and cool while you apply your makeup.

It’s totally portable and adjustable it comes with a little additional five times magnification mirror. Get make it put on the light that it gives off is really really good light. You start to sweat while you’re putting on the makeup you’ve gotten out of that hot shower now you’re using your hot tools you’re using your jewelry which gives you the most delightful cool breeze but the problem is your makeup not drying you’re sitting there and you’re Fanning yourself and you’re trying to get your makeup to dry this actually gives you a beautiful breeze that’s called the beauty breeze.

LED lighting also is not going to get hot but sometimes it gives you a real blue light this actually gives you daylight balance and daylight perfection. It also gives you the five times magnification so this is gonna be your regular magnification.

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